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5 Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling

Ahhhh smell the salty air, hear the waves crashing, sip the fruity drink… THIS is a vacation. Although you still want to enjoy yourself while on vacation or while traveling, it is still important to stay fit. Staying fit will not only keep you healthy, but it will also keep you feeling your absolute best and let you enjoy your trip even more!

Watch What You Eat

Okay, now I don’t mean being meticulous in counting every calorie and carb that you consume while you’re away. While traveling, opting for shopping at grocery stores rather than eating out every meal will not only help you save money, but it will help you control what you are eating. Restaurants often use a lot of oils, fats, etc. when cooking, which can add up fast and give a bloated and sluggish feeling. Grocery shopping will help you control not only what goes into your food, but also what type of food you eat. Opt for fruits and veggies to help keep your energy up and feeling good your whole trip!


When you’re sitting on a long plane ride (especially international!), train, or car, your muscles tighten up significantly. Stretching periodically, even just for 5 minutes at a time will help keep your blood flowing and muscles loose and flexible. You can even stretch while sitting down or on a plane! These are some of my favorite stretches to do while on the road!

Drink Water

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but DRINK WATER!! Staying hydrated is the key to stay healthy and balanced, especially while traveling. For me, it helps me fight off the dry air of planes and keeps me feeling my best for my entire trip. I suggest bringing a reusable water bottle that you can fill along the way. If you’re going somewhere with unreliable drinking water, consider a water filtering straw or water filtering bottle.


There are so many options to get exercise while traveling, even without a gym. If you have access to a hotel gym, that can be a great option for a workout. If not, these are some of my no gym needed, full-body workouts that can be done anywhere! Workouts don’t have to be too long, but doing a little something is a great way to stay fit and healthy while traveling. 

Don't Take Pulbic Transportation

I know what you’re thinking, this girl is crazy. Hear me out. If you’re traveling to a city especially, walk as much as you can. Take the stairs. Avoid Uber and public transportation and take the scenic route. Obviously, if you’re on a tight schedule, walking may be a little more difficult; however, if you have a little bit of time to spare, walk! Another great option is renting a bicycle. Bikes are a cheap and easy way to get around many different places. Depending on where you are planning to travel, some hotels or resorts may actually provide or have access to bikes on site. 

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